Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wow, here I am thinking that Blogspot deleted my blog due to inactivity (yep, haven't looked at it since that snowy Saturday morning over 3 years ago...) but it is here & Mountain Time is still ticking by...

I'm, not surprisingly, still here enjoying Mountain Time in the California Sierras. After leaving Orange County, it's hard to want to go back. Work continues, but has slowed down a bit, so now I have more time to play with Hubby & the doggies. Einstein was adopted in October 2004 & Joon on 06-06-06 - yes, she is the devil dog, but we still love her.

A couple of things have changed though... both Hubby & I have new snowmobiles - I outgrew The Happy Meal Toy, and Hubby's Old Yeller was well, old. Look for snow-fun photos soon! Being July, I do miss the snow and can't wait for winter.

This post is mostly to get back into blogging mode after my sister ( & her friend ( have inspired me with thier wonderful blogs. So that's it... my first pitiful attempt after 3 years. Here's hoping this time the habit will stick.


Anthony said...

Hey, M! (Can I use your real name here?) Got your message, so I'm here checkin' out the place... I like it! Your header/banner image is awesome. Did you take that pic? I'm sure the environment lends itself quite well to photography.

I'm excited that you are now determined to be a fellow blogger with regularity! If you have any troubles with that, I highly recommend that you try Activia yogurt. Works like a charm! ;)

Anyway, as far as any advice, the best thing that I can suggest, outside of just playing around and getting to know the features on your Blogger dashboard and in the settings, is to go buy the 'Google Blogger for Dummies' book. I picked it up, and it's been a great reference tool. Also, you might want to check out the Blogger Buzz section of your dashboard. You'll find lots of good tips there, both past ones AND new ones as they continue to make improvements to Blogger.

I hope that helps. You're a smart gal, though. Before long, you'll be an expert!

Thanks for the Pop Circus shout-out, by the way! That was a nice surprise! :)

See ya 'round the blogosphere!

Anthony said...

Ummm, hello?
It's been almost a month, now, and you're already guilty of "blog neglect"!

Tsk, tsk (wagging finger slowly)...

I'm just good-naturedly ribbing you 'cause I want to hear more about your life in the mountains! :)

Tikimama said...

Well, I'm late as usual. But still welcome, right? I had no idea you'd started a blog until you wrote to us on FB. Guess you were keeping it under wraps til you got it going.

So...what's going on? I've gotten over my month-long internet slump and am trying to catch up on posting, commenting, uploading to Flickr, reading/writing emails, and on and on. I think I'm going to need to create some sort of schedule where I can have a free hour a day away from hubs and kids to do my computer stuff. Especially once I get working regularly. Maybe I should try the Activia??

Probably the way I learned the most about blogging was looking at and reading other people's blogs. Can be a huuuuuge time-sucker though. But such a fun one!

Tikimama said...

Oooh, I know! I'm going to put you on my blogroll to light a fire under you! If that doesn't work, I'll create a blog button to highlight you even more. And if that doesn't work, I'll just dedicate an entire post to your blog. So get to gettin', girl!

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