Saturday, March 25, 2006

So, here I am on a Saturday morning, we're getting another storm today, so I'm spending some quality time on my new blog.
What's mountain life like? We moved here to get out of the Orange County rat race. For the first year, we've accomplished that. I have since found work. Lots of work. Too much work. Now I feel like I work more here than I did in The OC. Maybe it's because I work at a variety of jobs instead of one job like I did in the city. Hubby works more than he ever did, and has a commute too. Ugh!
To counter balance all the hard work we do, we play hard - snowmobiling & snowshoeing in the winter, mountain biking, hiking & motorcycles in the summer.
In addition to the work hard/play hard lifestyle, we've ventured into some house re-modeling just to make our lives that much more interesting.
I'm hoping to post photos of all the things that make my mountain life interesting to me, so here goes... enjoy.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Me & my new sled
We nicknamed it "The Happy Meal Toy" because if you were to ever find a snowmobile in a Happy Meal, it would be this one - small & cute. :)
Here's Hubby on his new ride Posted by Picasa